Environ DF11 Ionzyme Facials and Products


Environ DF11 Ionzyme Facials and Products

Environ advanced skin care and specialist DF11 Ionzyme facials were devised by well renowned plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes for people who are serious about the health of their skin. The clinically tested formulations are packed with powerful anti-oxidants and active vitamins to help turn back the aging process. It reduces pigmentation, fine lines, and repairs and protects against photo-damage and pollution. Environ help you maintain a healthy, youthful beautiful skin for life.

To compliment and enhance Eviron treatments we now offer the U225 Meso-Gun mesotherapy. This fabulous  treatment  delivers specialised formulations of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, grow hormones and aniti-oxidants deeply in to the dermis and through micro-needling stimulate new collagen and elastin.

What is Environ?+

  • Environ is the skin care brand from iiaa, International Institute of Anti-aging
  • They are world leaders in producing specialist Vitamin A and C products
  • Clinically tested formulations with powerful anti-oxidants, active vitamins and peptides to address fine lines, reverse sun-damaged, address problem skin, reduce pigmentation and dryness
  • Still very much an industry secret, but being hailed by many experts in anti-aging as one of the best ‘cosmoceuticals’ on the market, just permissible to be sold without a prescription
  • Environ products support the long term health of the skin whatever your age
  • Environ has an Advanced Nutrition Programme based on sound scientific grounds to nourish the skin from within
  • Products cannot be dispensed without a skin consultation 

What Facials do Environ Offer?+

  • Environ have a unique system called the DF11 Ionzyme, which delivers intensive rejuvenation facials
  • The DF 11 Ionzyme Machine increases the penetration of Environ products by 4,000%
  • It was invented to treat patients with skin cancer
  • It combines Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis
  • Sonophoresis uses sound waves to vibrate product molecules into the skin which would normally not be absorbed and just sit on the surface
  • Iontophoresis is an application using a pulsed current to increase the skin’s polarity to take ingredients further into the skin
  • The Ionzyme facials will give you guaranteed excellent, unparalleled results leaving your skin deeply nourished from within

How do I know which facial to have?+

  • We advise you have a Visia 3D Skin Analysis
  • Our skin consultant can analyse your results to know what your requirements are
  • A tailored skin care programme can be devised for you

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