Laser body shaping with Verju

Laser Body Shaping with Verju

Compleet Aesthetics Body and Face Clinic have the unique revolutionary Fat Lase 'Fat  Melting' laser treatment, a real alternative to painful and costly liposuction. Fat Lase combines the Zerona red beam and new  Verju® green beam laser wavelengths together in a treatment to give fast overall  inch loss body reduction. These lasers have  FDA approval for safe and effective  body contouring.

We are pleased to be 1 of only 2 clinics which has this combined laser treatment. Both the Zerona and Verju® lasers deliver  a revolutionary therapy designed to combat cellulite and excessive abdominal fat, which is often difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. They stabilise glucose and cholesterol levels. The laser treatments are painless and do not involve any kind of surgery, so patients can continue their daily activities uninterrupted. Fat Lase will give you 'smart' fat cells acting  up to 20 years younger.

A Fat Lase treatment will cause a transitory pore opening in a fat cell allowing the fatty contents to seep out into the intersitial tissues. Once fat cells are emptied, these released fatty acids and glycerol are aided into the lymphatic system by standing on a vibration plate, followed by deep dermology massage. The results are dramatic and fast with our lasers being able to safely and effectively contour the body.

We can combine the Fat Lase Zerona and Verju lasers with the 3D Lipomed for optimal results.

IMPORTANT: All Verju and Zerona laser treatments include a free 60 minute consultation with a specialist Weight Loss and Nutrition counsellor. This makes us a unique Weight Loss Clinic. We will give you a 50% discount if you can find another.

It is clinically proven to be effective. Zerona was proven through a rigorous level clinical trial where treated subjects lost 4 inches on the waist, hips and thighs compared to the others who lost 1 inch. Verju delivers 25% more energy so by combining them together expect to see a dramatic loss of 5-9 inches within 2 weeks.

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Is the Verju® safe?+

  • The Zerona and Verju® have FDA approved for safety and effectiveness
  • There is no risk of burn, as they are Low Level Laser that generates no heat
  • The laser treatments cause no rise in triglycerides or cholesterol in the blood stream
  • The liver is not harmed

Why chose Zerona and Veerju over 3D Lipomed?+

  • Zerona and Verju 'Fat Lase' treatments can be used to treat individuals with a higher body index mass
  • Fat Lase is for individuals whose weight is affecting their health e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, which is more of a concern than body contouring
  • Fat Lase can be very good to ‘kick start’ controlled weight loss
  • For optimal body contouring results we combine Fat Lase Zerona and Verju lasers with 3D Lipomed for optimal results

What happens during a Fat Lase laser treatment?+

  • A detailed consultation is required with our Weight Loss Counsellor 
  • Zerona and Verju diode  low level laser beams are carefully positioned over all areas to be treated without actual contact whilst you are laying down
  • A treatment session is 40 minutes - 20 minutes per area front and back
  • After lasering you will be required to stand on a vibration plate for 5 minutes to mobilise fat cell released contents into the lymph system
  • The treated areas are then massaged to aid lymph drainage either manually or with 3D Lipomed dermology for 15 minutes
  • You will be required to drink 2 litres of water per day to help flush out system
  • A course of 10 sessions are recommended for optimal results

When will I see results?+

  • This depends on body size and area treated
  • Determined by how fast lymphatic system can process the fatty acids and toxins
  • Generally patients notice visible inch loss results within 2 weeks
  • Diet and lifestyle changes can positively enhance results, but equally can have a negative counteracting response


Course of 10 - £1200  for a 60 minute session including diet and nutrition advice

The Fat Lase can be combined with 3D Lipomed for our Compleet Body Contouring bespoke treatment. Course of 10 sessions


Abdomen                               75 mins                   £1,200

Thighs and Bum                   75 mins                   £1,200

Whole Body                           90 mins                   £1,500

A tailored 0%interest treatment package can be made to suit your particular needs and spread costs

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