Treatments for men

Men treatments

Treatments for Men

At Compleet Aesthetics Body and Face Clinic we have many non-surgical treatments for males with less emphasis on the word cosmetic. We appreciate that a male’s requirements are different to a females. A male’s skin type is generally oilier and is typically 20-30% thicker, also there is a comparative lack of facial cutaneous adipose tissue giving males a more chiselled look. It sounds like males are lucky, but sadly they lose hair or gain it in areas they don’t want, much like unwanted spare tyre or love handles. In today’s competitive world looking groomed and fit can give individuals confidence on the field and off. 

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Laser Hair Removal+

  • Shaving and waxing off large areas of unwanted hair is protracted, time consuming and not to mention painful!
  • Men can be prone to ingrowing hairs and rashes
  • A brilliant solution to these issues is laser hair removal
  • Our Fotona laser works brilliantly on thicker and coarser hair types.


  • For those rogue nasal and ear hairs they can be easily eradicated with Electrolysis

Minor Skin Surgery ( Advanced Cosmetic Procedures)+

  • Safe and effective skin growth removal using Electro surgery or Cryotherapy
  • A simple solution to irritating skin tags which catch under the collar
  • Moles which snag when shaving
  • Laser removal of broken facial veins

Wrinkles and Sun Damaged Skin+

  • A Visia 3D Computerised Skin Analysis can see deeply into the dermal layers of the skin to look at UV damage, pigmentation, pores, texture, and general health
  • An aesthetic practitioner will help to determine what treatments would suit you best
  • To improve the appearance of damaged, aging skin there is a choice of:
    • Radio Frequency Skin tightening for jowls and loose skin
    • Micro-needling for acne scarring, deep pores, fines lines
    • Peels for congested skin types and sun damage
    • CACI Jowl Lift to help redefine jaw line
    • Environ advanced skin care products for improved complexion

Body Contouring+

  • 3D Lipomed body contouring system can permanently break down fatty areas by Cryolipolysis and Cavitation
  • Redefine the waist line, get rid of the ‘moobs’
  • Tighten up loose or overstretched skin, great for stretch marks
  • Our weight loss counsellor can help to devise a diet programme to work scientifically for you to fit in with the demands of your life

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