Visia 3D Skin Analysis

Visia  3D Computerised Skin Analysis

Visia  3D Computerised Skin Analysis

The Visia is a scanning system which takes 3D computerised images of the skin to reveal the deeper cellular levels which the naked eye cannot see. It is a powerful diagnostic tool which can reveal subsurface issues or potential skin problems to help create an individualised skin care treatment programme. We recommend have a Visia skin Analysis before deciding on any non-surgical cosmetic skin procedure.

Link to our Blog article to see how the Visia was used in one of our clinical trials

Our 2014 video demonstrating what a Visia scan will reveal

What does the Visia look at?+

  • Wrinkles – existing and potential new ones
  • Texture
  • Pores
  • UV sun damage – existing and potential danger areas
  • Brown spots –pigmentation
  • Spots
  • Porphyrins – skin bacteria, good and bad levels

What happens in a Visia consultation?+

  • You place your head in a small booth for a few minutes whilst photographs are taken
  • Computerised images are generated
  • These images are analysed by an experienced skin consultant
  • Images can be printed off for you to take home 

Why have a Visia scan?+

  • We recommend you have a Visia scan to understand you skin’s specific requirements
  • It is a base point to start any treatment programme you may choose to have
  • You can monitor your treatment to see if you are getting effective results

Prices for a Visia Scan+

Short 15-20 minute Visia scan and overview is FREE. We routinely scan clients during a treatment programme to monitor results.

A longer 30-40 minute Visia scan with printouts is £60, but is FREE if you book a course of treatments or buy Environ (metatag) products including Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up (metatag)

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